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Your Eustachian Solution

Your Eustachian Solution


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Bartolomeo Eustachi

Bartolomeo Eustachi

Bartolomeo Eustachi (latinized as Eustachius) (1513–1574) is one of the most important scientists who contributed to Renaissance medicine and one of the founders of the anatomy of the 'hearing device'. He was a well respected physician and linguist. Eustachi studied medicine in Rome and Padua. He spent most of his professional career in Rome where he taught anatomy, performed autopsies and dissections, and served as the physician to the Duke of Urbino and eventually the Cardinal Giulio Della Rovere. He studied the anatomy of the inner ear and correctly described the tube that now bears his name (the Eustachian tube).

Dr. Joseph DiBartolomeo M.D.

A Word From The Founder and Developer of PatulEND®

Dr. Joseph DiBartolomeo M.D.

As Clinical Professor in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery at UCLA, may I share some exciting news about our development of a safe treatment for the Patulous Eustachian Tube (PET). When I became a Patulous Eustachian Tube patient myself, I decided to find a safe treatment and applied for an Investigational New Drug (IND) Clinical Trials study. By referrals from NIH and NORD, and voluntary support groups on the International Social Media Medical Forums, we have identified previously undiagnosed PET patients. Many have used PatulEND® with excellent results, with over 80,000 bottles shipped throughout the world. I'd like to share the results and unsolicited testimonials from some of the patients. We receive inquiries every day, from all over the world. People hear about us in many ways: doctor referrals, the Internet, chat rooms/support groups, friends or family members.

Closed PET

Closed PET

During my career in the field of Otology, I began to suffer from the symptoms of autophony, amphoria, and crackling of the ears. The cause was discovered to be an anomalously open or "patulous" Eustachian tube. Like so many others, I was also told there was no treatment, and I would "have to learn to live with it." Finding no satisfactory treatment, I undertook the task of researching the cause with the goal of finding an effective and safe remedy. After compiling and comparing similar symptoms and conditions, a solution was formulated. I directed an initial 10-year FDA study on over 200 participants using nose drops developed to treat the symptoms of a Patulous Eustachian Tube (PET). The information and results enabled us to refine the original formula, US Patent protected, with the proprietary formula, PatulEND®. It is now a drug-free product, available without a prescription. It is safer and more effective than the original pharmaceutical form. The ingredients were replaced with nutrient, vitamin metabolites, and antioxidants, which are referenced in the Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) publication of the FDA. It is to be taken daily and repeated again if needed. The topical nasal solution is a drug-free proprietary nutrient composition with optimized antioxidant properties formulated to hydrate the tissues and stimulate closure of the Eustachian tube lumen to interrupt the adventitious transmission of our breath sounds.

Open PET

Open PET

If you have an established diagnosis of PET or believe that you may have PET symptoms, you may be interested in PatulEND®. Signs that you may be affected include:

* If you hear your own breathing (autophony) by the ear, it may be PET.
* If your symptoms disappear when you lie down, it is most likely, at least, PET.

Results may take longer if the tissues have received radiation or been treated surgically.

Trusted Effective Relief

PatulEND® is the only FDA -NIH Orphan product granted Exclusivity (1994) for the relief of Patulous Eustachian tube (PET) anomaly symptoms. Today, the very disturbing obscure symptoms of aural fullness (a plugged ear) and Autophony are recognized as DiBartolomeo's Syndrome.

The pathognomonic symptom of autophony is directly related to a structural Patulous Eustachian tube (PET) anomaly. The resulting elusive tubal turbulence makes it challenging for even the most astute clinician to recognize PET symptoms. Our Clinical Trials were approved by FDA-NORD as Orphan product # 96988, PatulEND®. PatulEND® has been awarded separate US and Canadian patents. Global distribution is proprietary being available only from our office in Santa Barbara.
The improved, drug-free topical Vitamin Nutrient does not contain any drugs or hormones, herbal derivatives, alcohol, sugar, wheat, yeast, preservatives, artificial additives or coloring. The formulation consists of water-soluble, essential synergy of the vitamin C complex of nutrients, and activated antioxidant properties for increased bio-availability to mucous membranes through balanced electrolytes for maximal absorption and tissue healing. This results in better improved healing and tissue strength.

Autophony Reduction

Autophony Reduction

With Effective Solutions For Tube Health

Eustachian Tube Care

Eustachian Tube Care

No hormones No additives No drugs

Antioxidant Nutrient Solution

Our Antioxidant Nutrient Solution

For Trusted Patulous Eustachian Tube Relief

Nourishing Relief for Patulous Eustachian Tube Harmony

That disconcerting fullness and the constant self-generated sounds in your middle ear may be indicative of a chronic condition known as Patulous Eustachian Tube (PET). This anomaly occurs when the Eustachian tube, usually sealed, irregularly opens and closes, causing patients to experience the distressing sensation of hearing their own breathing and other self-generated noises.

PatulEND® stands as a beacon of hope—a pure nutrient vitamin supplement developed under the expert guidance of Joseph DiBartolomeo, MD. It proudly holds the exclusive FDA-NIH Orphan product status (1994) for effectively alleviating symptoms associated with Patulous Eustachian Tube (PET) anomaly.

The results have affirmed that PatulEND® is the singular product capable of healing "DiBartolomeo's Syndrome" or Patulous Eustachian Tube syndrome. Crafted with the collective wisdom of medical professionals boasting 50 years of experience, this supplement is your answer to finding relief for your middle ear concerns. Don't hesitate – order PatulEND® now and take a decisive step towards overcoming the challenges posed by Patulous Eustachian Tube syndrome

What People Are Saying

Jacob F - New York

I WAS a skeptic

Hi – My name is Jacob F. I suffered for 14(!) years from PET. Every time I had the symptoms I couldn't speak or breathe. It was so frustrating, even my relationships would suffer as I'd become withdrawn and edgy. It only got worse. A few times I went to ENTs but they failed to diagnose me. I searched online, and when I first heard about the PatulEND® I was skeptic, but the situation was so bad that I thought I might as well try it as I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I've been taking it two weeks now, it's literally a lifesaver. I can socialize, learn and talk. Amazing!!

Patricia D. - Georgia

Relief Beyond Expectations!

PatulEND delivered relief beyond my expectations. The noticeable improvement in my PET symptoms was both swift and substantial. Highly recommended!

Justin R. - Ontario, Canada

Supportive Team!

From the first inquiry to the follow-up, the PatulEND support team demonstrated unparalleled dedication. Their responsiveness made navigating my purchase seamless. Thanks PatulEND!

Terry L. - Paris, France

Feeling Human Again!

I have suffered for several years with PET dysfunction. I have seen ENT's with no positive results.  Two months ago I found you on the internet and placed my first order, why not, I've tried everything else! The order was received the next day. With the very first dose, my tube closed within 30 seconds.   It was unbelievable. I've now ordered my third bottle. I started with daily use, now only use when necessary.

Thank you for giving me the key to release me from my dark and dreary dungeon.

Not only do I thank you but my family thanks you. I'm back to being human again.

Agatha R. - San Francisco, California

Truly Effective!

PatulEND is nothing short of a miracle worker. After trying numerous products, this one stood out for its effectiveness. The relief was noticeable, and provide different level of comfort. Thank You!

Krish C - Ireland

Saved My Life!

Hello Dr. – First of all, I want to thank you. You have no idea of how incredibly well PatulEND® has worked for me. I am 19 years old and I've had this issue of my ears popping open for about 11 years. Recently it got worse and PatulEND® has literally saved my life. Honestly, thank you. I want to meet you again!

Jacob F. – New York

I suffered for 14(!) years from PET

"Every time I had the symptoms I couldn't speak or breathe. It was so frustrating, even my relationships would suffer as I'd become withdrawn and edgy. It only got worse. A few times I went to ENTs but they failed to diagnose me. I searched online, and when I first heard about the PatulEND® I was skeptic, but the situation was so bad that I thought I might as well try it as I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I've been taking it two months now, it's literally a lifesaver. Thank you so much. I thank [you] daily. I can socialize, learn and talk. Amazing!!"

Bjørn A. – Norway

PatulEND® is saving my mental life

"I have autophony on both sides, but the last year I used PatulEND® even though I was VERY cynical about anything working. Doctors here told me saline solution, then nasal flush ... NOTHING WORKED until now. I can't explain how happy I am with this new mental break from my Autophony. I hear birds sing again."